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Solid Woven Cotton belt/ Cotton beltfor biscuit and Bakery

Cotton Biscuit Webbing
100% virgin cotton .Avaiable in different width.
Cotton Biscuit Webbing

Cotton Biscuit Webbing or Cotton Canvas is made from 100% organic Cotton. Having high moisture absorbency and hight strength factor.This is mostly use in Biscuits and cookies industries for conveying purposes to lead the bake biscuits to oven and afterwards for cooling.

Our Cotton Biscuit Webbing Have follow characteristics:
1.High strength due to 100% Cotton.
2.Higher moisture obsorbency due to 100% cotton.
3.Low Shrinkage factor.
4.Low elongation.
5.High temperature resistance.
6.Environment friendly as made from natural raw material.


Material Tensile Strength Thickness Max Width(mm) Weigh/㎡ Heat Resistance ÂșC
Warp>N/mm Weft>N/mm
100% cotton 150 100 1.5 1600 1.15kg 130
100% cotton 150 100 2.0 1600 1.54kg 130
100% cotton 150 100 2.5 1600 2.0kg 130
100% cotton 150 100 3.0 1600 2.4kg 130

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